ALE -- Adaptable Layout Environment

A Java-based Interface Layout Tool


ALE (Adaptable Layout Environment) is a tool for building interfaces for your Java applications.

With ALE, you can:

You have two choices for incorporating your interface with Java applications:

The advantages of each approach are:

You may find using both strategies -- experimenting and testing with a separate interface file, then when you're ready to ship compiling the interface file into your application -- is the best approach.

How to Read this Help File

If you're an experienced Java programmer, you can probably read Getting Started and Basic ALE File Structure and then go straight to the A Real World ALE File for a more complex example.

If you're new to Java, or haven't yet delved into creating interfaces, you may do better to skim the Basic ALE File Structure, then read through Terms and all of Getting Started before continuing on to the Interface Layout Specifics.